Tilburg University heeft een breed scala aan trainingen en workshops om het welzijn van onze studenten te bevorderen

Trainings and group meetings student wellbeing

We both have some trainings and group meetings to help you get back on track when you run into something.

Free e-health progams from Gezondeboel

Gezondeboel has designed e-health programs tailored to the needs of students in higher education that can help you better cope with the challenges of student life.

Examples include finding a good worklife balance, dealing better with exam stress, modules on fear of failure, gloom, too much social media or learning how to be more relaxed and mindful in life. You can participate in these for free via your university account. 

 Check which program is of interest to you

Recreational Sports Sports Center

Want to clear your head after all that studying? Take a class in yoga, mindfulness, pilates or breathing to relax. Check out the Sports Center's list of relaxation sports

Career workshops and trainings

Student Career Services also offers a wide scale of workshops and trainings.
See the Student Career Services Workshops and Training webpage.