Maatschappelijk werker Tilburg University

Social Worker

Our Social Workers are present on campus to support (international) students with problems they may encounter in everyday life that make studying more difficult. Visiting a social worker is entirely free of charge.

There are two Social Workers at Tilburg University, one specifically for international students. Pay attention to the fact that this page contains some information that is customized for international students. You can also read the Dutch page.

What can you contact a Social Worker for?

Our social workers can help (international) students navigate through challenges and problems they may encounter while adjusting to a new environment, culture and phase in life. They offer psychosocial assistance, practical advice and (emotional) support in various situations. Helping you to make informed choices that suit your needs. They can offer guidance to the right care and institutions when necessary. You can consider some of the topics below, but if your circumstances are not listed, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment anyway. 

Possible topics include: 

  • Difficulties in building a network in the Netherlands;
  • Struggles with life between two cultures;
  • Feelings of loneliness, homesickness or discomfort in your own skin and you cannot point your finger on a specific problem yet;
  • Having trouble applying for or registering with Dutch organisations and the information about the organisations is insufficient;
  • Seeking social or medical support in Tilburg and you are unfamiliar with the local possibilities;
  • Financial problems, debts, where to go for your specific question;
  • Unintentional or unplanned pregnancy, you suddenly become a mother or your girlfriend is pregnant unplanned;
  • Other issues, unpleasant experiences and situations (such as addiction, (sexual) abuse, violence, threat, quarrel, loss of an important person, sickness, stalking, uncertainty about sexuality and gender, etc.);
  • Any other matter you wish to discuss. 

Make an appointment

To schedule an appointment, e-mail In your e-mail, briefly outline the topic(s) you would like to discuss without providing detailed information. Also, mention if someone referred you and, if so, specify who.

Social Worker for International Students Anne de Lange works on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Social Worker Peter Ermen works on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30am - 2:30pm.


Interviews with the social worker are free of charge.

  • Social worker Anne de Lange

    Anne de Lange

    Social Worker for International Students

    Working days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday


  • Peter Ermen - Maatschappelijk werker bij Tilburg University

    Peter Ermen

    Social Worker

    Working days: Wednesday and Thursdays from 8.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m..


Thanks for the advice. I can really move forward with this.

Third-year student International Business Administration


The social worker Peter Ermen works occupies an independent position.  The social worker follows the guidelines of the professional code of social work and thus follows the privacy AVG guidelines of the professional code of conduct. The social worker is SKJ (Stichting Kwaliteitsregister Jeugd) registered as a Youth and Family Professional.

Student Support Roadmap

Who to turn to with what question?

Are you stuck in your studies, or do you have personal problems that affect your studies? Are you uncomfortable or do you experience a lot of stress? Are you unsure about your choice of study? Do you have a problem with your tuition fees? Or don't know what you want to do after you graduate? We are here to help you. Answer a few questions and you will immediately know who to contact for information, advice or guidance.