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Social worker

The social worker is present on campus for two half-day periods a week for additional help and support with problems you may encounter in everyday life that make studying more difficult.

Social work at Tilburg University

School Social Work (SMW) is part of the IMW (Institute for Social Work) and is a specialized form of social work. The (school) social worker stimulates the socio-emotional development and independent functioning of students by solving, alleviating or making problems that hinder the learning process, manageable.

By signaling problems in time and quickly dealing with requests for help, study delays or dropouts can be avoided. Together with the student, the social worker examines what is going on and what is needed to solve the problem.

The social worker activates you as a student to increase your self-reliance (help with basic life skills) and/or helps to mobilize and use your own network.

If necessary, the social worker will look with you at institutions outside school where you can be helped in a more specific way.

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