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Theater performance #MeTooAcademia – The Learning Curve

Date: Time: 15:00 Location: Black Box

Everyone at Tilburg University must be able to work and study in a safe environment. It is therefore important to treat each other with respect and to give others the opportunity to develop their talents. Recent events like #MeToo emphasize the importance of social safety and respectful behavior. However, socially unsafe situations may arise inadvertently. To raise awareness around this subject, we are organizing two free theater performances for our employees. Will you be coming, too?

Performance: #MeTooAcademia – The Learning Curve (in English) 

Many of us think academia is a safe, sensible, and intellectual environment without #MeToo behavior. However, harassment happens here, too. In a 40-minute performance, The Learning Curve shows different forms of (sexual) harassment and abuse of power in an academic context. Afterwards, a moderator will guide the discussion on what you can do if you or your colleagues should ever find yourselves faced with a similar situation.

The Learning Curve will play on March 26 from 15:00 to 16:00 hrs. Please register before March 22. 

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Check out the performance of March 19 as well!

Are you curious about the other performance, too? More info is available here.  

Het Acteursgenootschap 

Het Acteursgenootschap (The Dutch Actors Society) will perform two theatrical productions at our university. These productions, both on the theme of social safety and based on real-life stories, were developed especially for academic staff and focus on the dynamics in science. Important themes include leadership, social safety, integrity, and the balance between education and research.  

Social safety at Tilburg University 

Tilburg University wants to create a safe and inspiring working and studying environment for its entire community. The Social Safety program was set up to further enhance social safety at our university in the coming years. We will communicate regularly on how we foster a safe and inclusive studying and working environment and what we, as an organization, expect from students and staff in this respect.

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