TILT seminar: Rogier Creemers

Date: Time: 12:00 Location: ONLINE Meeting

China’s Emerging Data Protection Framework: A review

Time:  12:00 -13:30 CET

Since the promulgation of the Cybersecurity Law in 2016, the Chinese government has accelerated the pace of legislation and regulation concerning the protection of data, in order to consolidate and strengthen a previously fragmented landscape. After a few false starts, this has resulted in the promulgation of the Personal Information Protection Law and the Data Security Law, within a few months of each other, in 2021. These laws, in turn, will require a considerable body of supplementary implementing regulations and technical standards in order to be implementable. This seminar will review the evolutionary process in which notions and concepts surrounding data protection developed among Beijing policymakers in the last five years, the specific characteristics of the legislative framework, and possible future scenarios for the effectiveness of their implementation.

China’s Emerging Data Protection Framework

Speaker: dr. Rogier Creemers

Rogier Creemers is Assistant Professor in the Law and Governance of China at Leiden University. With a background in Sinology, International Relations and Law, he researches China’s domestic technology policy as part of its adaptation and development process, as well as the country’s growing global footprint in the digital sphere. He has published in journals including The China Journal and the Journal of Contemporary China, and is a regular media commentator on Chinese tech policy. He is currently carrying out a NWO-funded VIDI project on China’s Smart State, and a MFA-funded project on China in Global Cyberspace, and is a co-founder of the DigiChina project, in collaboration with Stanford University.

Moderator: dr. Linnet Taylor

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