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International Conference on Poverty: Problem and Path

Poverty is a problem that challenges every period, every society, and every religion. Nowadays, we regard poverty as a global and complex problem that overwhelms many people and societies. The smoldering financial and sustained economic crisis not only exacerbates the situation of the existing poor, but also leads broader layers of society into poverty.

Against this background, a fundamental debate on poverty and wealth is taking shape, combined with a search for sustainable forms of economy and a just society. On the one hand, this debate deals with the socioeconomic causes and effects of involuntary poverty. On the other hand, it includes forms of voluntary poverty as a fruitful alternative.

The Churches and religious orders, and the Franciscans in particular, are called to contribute to this discussion from their own, spiritual, perspectives. A valuable contribution has already been provided by Pope Francis in his Exhortation “Evangelii Gaudium’’.

Like the first part of our international conference in Münster in April 2015, the second part in Utrecht will combine academic reflection with practical examples and impulses, both from an interdisciplinary perspective and a Franciscan approach to Poverty as a Problem and Poverty as a Path.

Organized by Franciscan Study Centre and Fachstelle Franziskanische Forschung. In cooperation with Franziskanische Initiative 1219. Religions- und Kulturdialog e.V..


Utrecht: Dr. K. Pansters, Franciscan Study Centre,

Tel.: 0031 (0)6 1566 1563, E: k.pansters@tilburguniversity.edu

Münster: Angelica Hilsebein, M.A., Fachstelle Franziskanische Forschung.

Tel.: 0049 (0)251 495 6055, E: franziskanische-forschung@bistum-muenster.de

Program Friday October 30th

Introduction: Poverty as a Problem and Poverty as a Path

9.15- 10.00      Coffee and Tea

10.00-10.30     Welcome, Introduction to the Theme Poverty: Vice and Virtue by Krijn Pansters

Section I: Poverty as a Problem:
Historical, Sociological, and Economic Perspectives

Chair: Krijn Pansters

10.30-11.00     Poverty & underdevelopment (Historical Perspective) by Jan Luiten van Zanden

11.00-11.30     When did we see You hungry, and feed You?’ Ideas about Care and Charity in the Late Middle Ages (Historical Perspective) by Anita Boele

11.30-12.00     The Social Strands of Poverty (Sociological Perspective) by Jan Franken

12.00-12.30    An Economic Perspective on Poverty by Johan Graafland

12.30-14.00     Lunch


Section II: Poverty as a Problem:

Philosophical, Ethical, and Missiological Perspectives

Chair: Willem Marie Speelman 

14.00-14.30     Poverty, Global Justice and Human Rights: Philosophical Reflections (Ethical Perspective) by Jos Phillips

14.30-15.00     Poverty Analysis from a Bumblebee Perspective (Practice: Ethical Perspective) by Louke van Wensveen

15.00-16.30     Rondleiding Catharijneconvent

16.30-17.00     Break

17.00-17.30     Money and Missionary Congregations: The Cultural Dimensions  (Missiological Perspective) by Frans Dokman

17.30-18.00     Discussion: Poverty as a Problem

18.00-19.30     Dinner

20.00-20.45     Keynote: Social Enterprises and Poverty Alleviation (Practice: Missiological Perspective) by Albino Barrera o.p. (Providence, USA)

20.45-21.30     Muziek

Program Saturday October 31st

Section III: Poverty as a Path:
Interreligious, Religious, and Alternative Perspectives

Chair: Frans Dokman

9.30-10.00       Poverty in Religions (Interreligious Perspective) by Marcel Poorthuis

10.00-10.30     Poverty and Asceticism in Islam Theology and Spirituality (Muslim Theological Perspective) by Pim Valkenberg

10.30-11.00    Poverty in Abu Hamid al-Ghazali’s Ihya’ ‘Ulum al-Din (Practice: Muslim Theological Perspective) by Brooks Barber 

11.00-11.30     Break

11.30-12.00     Pope Francis and the Poor Church (Christian Perspective) by Willem Marie Speelman

12.00-12.30     Living with Less (Practice: Economic Perspective) by Jeanine Schreurs

12.30-14.00     Lunch

Section IV: Poverty as a Path:
Franciscan, Theological, and Spiritual Perspectives

Chair: Pim Valkenberg

14.00-14.30    The Choice of Poverty by Clare and Francis of Assisi  (Historical Perspective) by Jean-François Godet 

14.30-15.00    Only the Embrace of Sacred Poverty Delighted Them: Bodies, Possessions, and Franciscan Theologies (Theological Perspective) by Timothy Johnson 

15.00-15.30     Break

15.30-16.00     Evangelical Poverty and Solidarity (Practice: Franciscan Perspective) by Jan van den Eijnden ofm & Food Banks: A Necessity? (in Dutch; Practice: Franciscan Perspective) by Hans van Bemmel ofm

16.00-16.30     Reflections, Impulses, Conclusions (Theory and Practice) by Marcel Sarot


When: 30 October 2015 10:00

End date: 31 October 2015 22:00

Price: The registration fee is € 70,00 (students free registration), including lunch and coffee/tea