Digital Society

Digital Society

Digital information technology is changing almost all aspects of our society. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence affect our daily life ever more thoroughly. How do we turn the digital society into a better one than the analogue society? Tilburg University conducts research into the opportunities and threats.


  • Interview: More robots, more work 18 Mar 2019Background Interview: More robots, more work
    Robots will take over all jobs, so it is often thought. On the contrary, say Charissa Freese and Ton Wilthagen: robots will create jobs. It’s just that these new jobs will be different, and the challenge is to anticipate which jobs will disappear, which ones will change, and what the new ones will be like – and when. Tilburg University aims to prepare employers and employees to the labor market of the near future.

  • Interview: “H-i! M-ay I h-e-l-p y-ou?” 25 Feb 2019Background Interview: “H-i! M-ay I h-e-l-p y-ou?”
    Customer service chatbots are ready to help you night and day. But communication with a bot can be cumbersome sometimes. Christine Liebrecht, Assistant Professor of Language, Business Communication, and Digital Media, thinks there is room for improvement. How? By teaching bots regular human language. This is how Tilburg University focuses on technology that works for people.

  • Interview: "W-i-l-l y-ou b-e m-y f-r-ie-n-d?" 13 Feb 2019Background Interview: "W-i-l-l y-ou b-e m-y f-r-ie-n-d?"
    ‘The robots are coming’. Like many of us, teacher and researcher Paul Vogt believes that is what lies in store. They will find their way to schools, hospitals, and people’s homes. And of course, kids will like to play with them. A good idea, or is it?

  • TILT's 25th Anniversary Year: Events in February 31 Jan 2019News TILT's 25th Anniversary Year: Events in February
    This year will be TILT's 25th anniversary! 2019 will be full of events, symposia, international keynotes and more to celebrate that TILT was founded so many years ago and has grown to be one of the leading institutes in the world on law, technology and society.

  • The dark side of Information Technologies 29 Jan 2019Press release The dark side of Information Technologies
    New book by Anne Rutkowski on cognitive and emotional overload

    PRESS RELEASE 21 January 2019 – We live in a world of limitless information. With technology advancing at an astonishingly fast pace, we are challenged to adapt to robotics and automated systems that threaten to replace us. Both at home and at work, an endless range of devices and Information Technology (IT) systems place demands upon our attention that human beings have never experienced before, but are our brains capable of processing it all?

  • Institute for data collection and research
    Theme: Research questions, data collection, and data analysis
  • Data Science Center Tilburg
    Theme: Bringing together Tilburg University’s scientific big data expertise
  • Tilburg center for Cognition and Communication
    Theme: Artificial intelligence, cognitive modelling, human-computer interaction, serious gaming
  • Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society
    Theme: Technology Regulation

Most viewed experts

Leenes, R.E.
Name prof. dr. R.E. Leenes
Tilburg Law School
Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)
Position Hoogleraar
Room M 735
Phone +31 13 466 3655
E-mail r.e.leenes@tilburguniversity.edu
Brewczyńska, M.M.
Name M.M. Brewczyńska
Tilburg Law School
Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)
Position PhD-student
Room M 715
Phone +31 13 466 2099
E-mail m.m.brewczynska@tilburguniversity.edu
Alimardani, M.
Name dr. M. Alimardani
Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Departement Cognitieve Wetenschappen en Kunstmatige Intelligentie
Position Assistant Professor
Phone +31 13 466
E-mail m.alimardani@tilburguniversity.edu
Prüfer, J.O.
Name dr. J.O. Prüfer
Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Economics
Position Associate Professor
Room P 2.113
Phone +31 13 466 3250
E-mail j.prufer@tilburguniversity.edu