Protecting citizens against crime, war, terrorism and disasters is a crucial government responsibility. Is the government going too far sometimes, or not far enough? What can we do ourselves? Tilburg University investigates the security of society at various levels, including that of cyberspace.

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Bosma, A.K.
Name A.K. Bosma MSc. LLM
Tilburg Law School
Department of Criminal Law
Position Assistant Professor
Room M 808
Phone +31 13 466 4014
E-mail a.k.bosma@tilburguniversity.edu
Pemberton, A.
Name prof. dr. A. Pemberton
Tilburg Law School
Position Full Professor
Room M 633
Phone +31 13 466 3689
E-mail a.pemberton@tilburguniversity.edu
Ven, P. van de
Name P. (Pien) van de Ven MSc
Tilburg Law School
Position PhD-student
Room M 634
Phone +31 13 466 2809
E-mail p.vdven@tilburguniversity.edu
Rijken, C.R.J.J.
Name prof. C.R.J.J. (Conny) Rijken
Tilburg Law School
Position Professor
Room M 637
Phone +31 13 466 3185
E-mail c.r.j.j.rijken@tilburguniversity.edu

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