TILT seminar by Prof. David Wall

Topic "Conceptualising Cybercriminals Today"

David S. Wall, PhD is Professor of Criminology in the Centre for Criminal Justice studies, School of Law, University of Leeds, UK where he researches and teaches cybercrime, organised crime, policing and intellectual property crime. He has published a wide range of articles and books on these subjects. He also has a sustained track record of interdisciplinary funded research in these areas from the EU FP6, FP7, H2020, ESRC, EPSRC, AHRC & other funders, such as the Home Office and DSTL.

David has been a member of various Governmental working groups, such as the Ministerial Working Group on Horizon Planning 2020-25, the Home Office Cybercrime Working Group (2014-2016) which looked at issues of policy, costs and harms of crime and technology to society, and the HMIC Digital Crime and Policing working group in 2015, plus other committees. He is an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences (FAcSS) and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). He re-joined Leeds University in August 2015 from Durham where he was Professor of Criminology (2010-2015) and Head of the School of Applied Social Sciences (2011-2014). Prior to moving to Durham he was Head of the School of Law (2005-2007) and Director of the Centre for Criminal Justice (2000-2005) at the University of Leeds.

His current research projects on internet technology, crime and policing include the following ‘Public Confidence in Policing and Regulating Crime in a Changing Cyberthreat Landscape’ (EPSRC/ESRC CeRes), ‘Identifying and Policing Cybercrime in the Cloud’ (EPSRC/ESRC CRITiCal), ‘Ransomware and Cybercrimes of Extortion’ (EPSRC/ ESRC EMPHASIS); ‘Policing Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies’ (N8 Catalyst Fund); ‘Understanding Organised Crime and Terrorist Networks’ (Horizon 2020 TAKEDOWN); ‘Transnational Organised Crime in the 21st Century’ (ESRC TNOC Synthesis). His recently completed projects include: ‘The Implications of Economic Cybercrime’ (City Of London Police, w. Cardiff Univ.) and ‘The Infiltration of Legitimate Economies by Organised Crime Groups’ and ‘The Proceeds of Organised Crime in Europe’ (EU FP7 ARIEL & OCP).


More than a quarter of a century has passed since the internet captured the imaginations of criminals and cybercrime became part of the threat landscape and an international concern. Yet, how clearer are we today about i) what these offenders are trying to achieve, ii) what motivates them, iii) who they are, iv) how they organise themselves, v) and, what do we do with them? This paper will explore answers to these five questions. It draws upon my 20+ years of research into Cybercrime and also early findings from my new interdisciplinary, international and collaborative research projects that explore Cybercrime and organised crime online in today’s world of cloud technology and the Internet of Things.

Registration: g.vdnmaagdenberg@tilburguniversity.edu

Location: M 1003

When: 24 October 2017 12:00

End date: 24 October 2017 13:30