Social Innovation

Tilburg University contributes to 'District of the Future' in Helmond

The Helmond city council unanimously approved plans, at the end of February, preparing for the construction of Brainport Smart District. Tilburg University will be involved in the development of this District of the Future in Helmond.

In 2017, seven programs have been prepared to give shape to Brainport Smart District. The programs are aimed to achieve an attractive residential environment, participation by residents, a safe, social, and healthy district, mobility, online facilities, and sustainable energy. In more detail, these programs are about sustainable building, recycling of materials, mobility services instead of car ownership, electric cars as a point of departure, and locally grown food.

What the district will look like exactly is up to the future residents; everyone must be able to live in this neighborhood. The district will function as a 'living lab' for new ideas. Together with present and future residents and partners, Tilburg University investigates what Brainport Smart District could look like. Tilburg University’s input is coordinated by the university’s Impact program.

Smart, sustainable, and social

In the district, new insights and smart technology will be integrated to form a sustainable, social and attractive residential environment: a beautiful area to live in with a high quality of life for its residents. Both in its development and its realization, Brainport Smart District could be a model for the rest of the Netherlands, Europe, and the world at large. Guiding principles in designing Brainport Smart District include: jointly purchasing services, combining living and working, disconnecting from the natural gas network, using new energy concepts, and designing an attractive, green living environment.

Partners in the project besides Tilburg University include Eindhoven University of Technology, grid operator Enexis, Brainport Development, the city of Helmond, the city of Eindhoven, and the Province of Noord-Brabant.

More information is available at the website BrainportSmartDistrict.