Social Innovation

48 proposals submitted for Impact PhD program

An impressive total of 48 proposals have been submitted for PhD research that bridges various sciences as well as science and society -- the main goals of Tilburg University’s IMPACT Program. In 2018, 9 PhD-positions will be made available by the Tilburg University Schools to strengthen the PhD research within the themes “Empowering the Resilient Society” and “Enhancing Health and Wellbeing” of the IMPACT Program. For the third theme “Creating Value from Data” there has already been an investment through JADS and DSC/t.

There will be two PhD projects per School (except for TST: one position) as of August – September 2018. PhD candidates that will be affiliated with the IMPACT Program will preferably be supervised by two supervisors from different schools in order to contribute to the goal of the IMPACT Program of enhancing the cooperation and cohesion within Tilburg University’s research for the purpose of excellence and impact (science-for-science).

Other goals of the program are:

  • To enhance cooperation with companies and societal institutions (science-for-society);
  • To anticipate on and react to (future) societal developments through social innovations and making an (societal) impact;
  • To set up a clear profile for Tilburg University by developing a distinct, recognizable and consistent proposition;
  • To generate societal and economic impact and to shape the goal of advancing society.

Ton Wilthagen, on behalf of the IMPACT team: “As IMPACT team we are very happy with the number of applications and the spread over the schools. The combinations of applicants from the different schools that have been made in the proposals are very encouraging and make us look forward to the decision-making process this month.”  

The IMPACT team and the School Deans will decide which PhD-projects will be awarded by the end of March 2018.