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Students collect three trucks of emergency goods for Ukraine

Published: 11th March 2022 Last updated: 11th March 2022

Last week, three trucks of collected emergency goods left for the affected area in Ukraine. Five Ukrainian students, Polina, Lana, Marta, Maksym and Nikita, set up a local humanitarian aid collection point, which resulted in a total of 81 pallets of items.

At the collection point in the Reitse Toren, goods such as first aid kits, personal care items, medicines, flashlights, batteries were collected. A total of 150 volunteers helped with the aid collection: students, teachers, support staff and local residents.

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Bigger than expected

While the students had initially set up the action themselves, it soon became apparent that it was bigger than expected. The restaurant (Mensa), Top Croque and Esplanada provided lunches and dinner for the volunteers. The Facility Services department helped immensely in loading the trucks. The students were assisted daily by University staff from various departments. Scientist Kenny Meester, with his experience in crisis management, guided and advised the students on the approach. The Tilburg police and security of the university also supported in guarding the goods.

We are proud of our community who have started valuable initiatives in a very short time, showing that we support each other.

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