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UNIFIL peace keeping operation successful, but presence in Lebanon still needed to maintain stability

Published: 30th June 2021 Last updated: 30th June 2021

The absence of a major conflict since 2006 between Lebanon and Israel can be largely subscribed to the presence and efforts of the UNIFIL peace keeping operation. Although the continued presence and strengthening of UNIFIL is still needed to maintain stability in the region, UNIFIL can be seen as a prime example of a ‘satisfactorily successful’ UN peace keeping operation. This is mainly because of UNIFIL's effective use of its conflict management measures that are in place. These indicators could be useful for practitioners of UN peace operations to help them to enhance the effectiveness of peace operations.

Researchers who undertake research on peace keeping operations could take into consideration that a combined approach of both quantitative data and qualitative research gives the richest insights. 

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