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dr. A.A. Janczuk-Gorywoda

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Tilburg Law and Economic Center (TILEC)


Agnieszka Janczuk-Gorywoda is Assistant Professor at Tilburg Law School and Research Coordinator of Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC). She holds MA in Economics from the Warsaw School of Economics, JD from the Warsaw University, LLM in International Competition Law and Policy from University of East Anglia and PhD in Law from European University Institute. She was also a a post-doctoral research scholar at Columbia Law School.

Agnieszka's research focuses on private regulation, that is, institutionalized collective efforts of private parties to channel behaviour of market participants towards desired ends.  In her research so far Agnieszka has studied private regulation in the EU looking into the role it has been performing in pursuing EU policies and its relationship with public regulation.  

A particular field of Agnieszka's interest are payment systems.  She has published numerous contributions analyzing the evolution of EU payments law and the interaction of public and private rules in making both European and transnational payment systems.

Earlier in her career Agnieszka was also involved in a research project funded by the Fifth Framework Programme "Fundamental Rights and Private Law in the European Union" and published a report on the operation of the fundamental rights in private law in Poland (a chapter in G. Brüggemeier, A. Colombi Ciacchi and G. Comandé, Fundamental Rights and Private Law in the European Union, Cambridge University Press 2010, 


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Last amended: 22 April 2016