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prof. dr. A.C. (Lex) Meijdam


Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Economics


Lex Meijdam is professor of economics an dean of the School of Economics and Management. His field is macroeconomics and public economics. His research interests are: the macroeconomic effects of ageing, intergenerational transfers (including pensions and government debt), fertility, migration, public capital, education.


Principal publications

  • Adema, Y., Meijdam, A.C., & Verbon, H.A.A. (2009). The international spillover effects of pension reform. International Tax and Public Finance, 16(5), 670-696. (More)
  • Groezen, B.J.A.M. van, Meijdam, A.C., & Verbon, H.A.A. (2005). Serving the old: Ageing and economic growth. Oxford Economic Papers, 57(4), 647-663. (More)
  • Leers, T., Meijdam, A.C., & Verbon, H.A.A. (2004). Ageing, migration and endogenous pensions. Journal of Public Economics, 88(1-2), 131-159. (More)
  • Groezen, B.J.A.M. van, Leers, T., & Meijdam, A.C. (2003). Social security and endogenous fertility: Pensions and child allowances as Siamese twins. Journal of Public Economics, 87(2), 233-251. (More
  • Heijdra, B.J., & Meijdam, A.C. (2002). Public investment and intergenerational distribution. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 26(5), 707-735. (More)

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Last amended: 03 February 2014