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dr. A. Chasiotis

Associate Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Developmental Psychology


Principal publications

  • Chasiotis, A., Bender, M., & Hofer, J. (2014). Childhood context explains cultural differences in implicit prosocial motivation and explicit prosocial value orientation. Evolutionary Psychology, 1-9.
  • Chasiotis, A. (2011). An epigenic view on culture: What evolutionary developmental psychology has to offer for cross-cultural psychology. In F.J.R. van de Vijver, A. Chasiotis, & S.M. Breugelmans (Eds.), Fundamental questions in cross-cultural psychology (pp. 376-404). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Chasiotis, A., Bender, M., Kiessling, F., & Hofer, J. (2010). The emergence of the independent self: Autobiographical memory as a mediator of false belief understanding and motive orientation in Cameroonian and German preschoolers. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 41(3), 368-390.
  • Chasiotis, A., Kiessling, F., Hofer, J. & Campos, D. (2006). Theory of mind and inhibitory control in three cultures: Conflict imhibition predicts false belief understanding in Germany, Costa Rica, and Cameroon. International Journal of Behavioral Development, 30, 192-204.
  • Chasiotis, A., Scheffer, D., Restemeier, R. & Keller, H. (1998). Intergenerational context discontinuity affects the onset of puberty: A comparison of parent-child dyads in West and East Germany. Human Nature, 9, 321-339.

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Last amended: 12 November 2014