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prof. dr. A.H.O. van Soest


Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Econometrics and Operations Research


Research interests:

micro-econometrics, discrete choice models, panel data, labour supply, retirement, economics of ageing, savings and portfolio choice, expectations, health and economic status, child mortality, economic experiments, Internet surveys.


Principal publications

  • Van Soest, A. and Hana Vonkova (2014), How sensitive are retirement decisions to financial incentives? A stated preference analysis. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 29(2), 246-264.  
  • Dellaert, B., B. Donkers and A. van Soest (2012), Complexity effects in choice experiments-based models, Journal of Marketing Research, 49(3), 424-434.
  • Von Gaudecker, H.-M., A. van Soest and E. Wengstroem (2011), Heterogeneity in risky choice behavior in a broad population, American Economic Review, 101(2), 664-694.
  • Bellemare, C., S. Kröger, and A. van Soest (2008), Measuring inequity aversion in a heterogeneous population using experimental decisions and subjective probabilities, Econometrica, 76(4), 815-839.
  • Kapteyn, A., J.P. Smith, and A. van Soest (2007): Vignettes and Self-reports of Work Disability in the US and The Netherlands, American Economic Review, 97(1), 461-473.

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Last amended: 05 April 2018