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A.R. Ingrams

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Department of Politics and Public Administration


Principal publications

  • Ingrams, A. (Forthcoming). Public Values in the Age of Big Data: A Public Information Perspective. Policy and Internet, in press.
  • Ingrams, A., Manoharan, A., Schmidthuber, L., & Holzer, M. (forthcoming). Stages and determinants of e-government development: a twelve-year longitudinal study of global cities. International Public Management Journal,  
  • Ingrams, A. (forthcoming). Democratic transition and transparency reform: An fsQCA analysis of access to information laws in twenty-three countries. Government Information Quarterly,  
  • Ingrams, A. (forthcoming). Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Public and Private Sectors: A Multilevel Test of Public Service Motivation and Traditional Antecedents. Review of Public Personnel Administration,
  • Piotrowski, S., Rosenbloom, D. H., Kang, S., & Ingrams, A. (2018). Levels of Value Integration in Federal Agencies' Mission and Value Statements: Is Open Government a Performance Target of US Federal Agencies?. Public Administration Review, 78(5), 705-716.
Last amended: 15 January 2019