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dr. A.J.M. Elshof

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
Department of Practical Theology and Religious Studies





Principal publications

  • Van huis uit katholiek. Een praktisch theologisch, semiotisch onderzoek naar de ontwikkeling van religiositeit in drie generaties van rooms-katholieke families. Delft, Eburon 2008.
  • Religious Narrative and the Body. In Religious Stories We Live By. Narrative Approaches in Theology and Religious Studies. Ganzevoort, R., de Haardt, M & Scherer-Rath, M. (eds). Boston-Leiden: Brill 2014, 157-168 (Studies in Theology and Religion; vol. 19)
  • Catholic Schools and the Embodiment of Religiosity. The Development of Catholicity towards the Common Good. In Religious Education: The Journal of the Religious Education Association 110 (2015) 2, 150-161
  • Religious Teachers about Biblical Teaching and Discipleship: An Account of a Recent Exploration. Multiple Teachers in Biblical texts. Koet, B. & van Wieringen, A. (eds.). Leuven: Peeters 2017, 225-237 (Contributions to Biblical Exegesis & Theology; vol. 88)
  • Descending into Hell as a Challenge to Ecclesial Practice: Ratzinger's theology, Prison Chaplaincy and Church Life. (Accepted/In press) The Apostles? Creed ?He Descended Into Hell?. Sarot, M. & van Wieringen, A. (eds.). Leiden: Brill 2018, (Studies in Theology and Religion; vol. 24)  

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Last amended: 09 May 2018