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dr. A. Lemmens

Associate Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Marketing


SUBSTANTIVE INTERESTS: (i) International new product strategies, including new product launch and diffusion patterns, international pricing, international segmentation; (ii) Customer management strategies, including CLV modeling, retention models, customer profitability analysis.

METHODOLOGICAL INTERESTS: (i) Time series and spectral analysis, including time-varying coefficient models, panel error-correction models, semiparametric modeling, Granger causality, forecasting; (ii) parametric and nonparametric binary choice models.


News items

Principal publications

  • -  * Glady, N., Lemmens, A., and Croux, C. (2015), Unveiling the Relationship between the Transaction Timing, Spending and Dropout Behavior of Customers, International Journal of Research in Marketing, forthcoming. [*Equal contribution]
  • -  Lemmens, A., Croux, C. and Stremersch, C. (2012), Dynamics in International Market Segmentation of New Product Growth, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 29(1), 81-92. Winner of the IJRM best paper award 2012.
  • -  * Stremersch, S. and Lemmens, A. (2009), Sales Growth of New Pharmaceuticals across the Globe: the Role of Regulatory Regimes, Marketing Science, 28(4), 690-708. [*Equal contribution]
  • -  Lemmens, A., Croux, C. and Dekimpe, M.G. (2007), Consumer Confidence in Europe: United in Diversity?, International Journal of Research in Marketing, 24 (2), 113-127.
  • -   Lemmens, A. and Croux, C. (2006), Bagging and Boosting Classification Trees to Predict Churn, Journal of Marketing Research, 43(2), 276-286.

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Last amended: 14 July 2017