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prof. dr. A.M.B. De Waegenaere

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Econometrics and Operations Research


Anja De Waegenaere is a full professor of Actuarial Science and Accounting. Her current research focuses on two distinct areas: consequences of ageing for social security and pension providers, and economic analysis of accounting. She currently has research projects on: longevity risk in pension and insurance liabilities, optimal redistribution of risk, effects of (tax) accounting on real investment decisions, tax induced behavior of multinational corporations, and managerial compensation. 


Principal publications

  • De Waegenaere, A., R.C. Sansing, and J.L. Wielhouwer (2015), Financial accounting effects of tax aggressiveness: Contracting and measurement. Contemporary Accounting Research, 32, 1, p. 223-242.
  • De Waegenaere, A., R.C. Sansing, and J.L. Wielhouwer (2012), Multinational Taxation and R&D Investments, The Accounting Review, 87, 1197-1217.
  • De Waegenaere, A. and R.C. Sansing (2008), Taxation of International Investment and Accounting Valuation, Contemporary Accounting Research, Vol. 25 No. 4 (Winter), 1045-1066.
  • Hari, N., A. De Waegenaere, B. Melenberg, and T.E. Nijman (2008), Longevity Risk in Portfolios of Pension Annuities, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 42, 505-519.
  • De Waegenaere, A., R.C. Sansing, and J.L. Wielhouwer (2006), Who Benefits from Inconsistent Multinational Tax Transfer Pricing Rules? Contemporary Accounting Research 23(1), 103-139.

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Last amended: 17 May 2018