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dr. A. Nugteren

associate professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Culture Studies


My academic expertise is constituted by four domains: (1) geographical, i.e., South Asia, esp. Indian languages, cultures and religions; (2) the interface of nature, culture and religion, esp. rituals around sacred trees/sacred groves/sacred forests in India; ritual and conceptual dimensions of the 'green burial movement'; and critical discourses on the concept of 'nature'; (3) ritual dynamics among Hindustanis in the Netherlands, and acculturation processes in diaspora communities in general; (4) theoretical-conceptual reflections on diversity and complexity, esp. in religious and ritual studies, and 'is-ought' fallacies in culture-specific views of 'nature'.


Principal publications

  •  Nugteren, A. (2009). Hindu ritual dynamics: Case studies from contemporary Western Europe. Journal of Religion in Europe, 2(2), 71-84. (More)
  •  Nugteren, A. (2009). Home is where the Murtis are: A Hindusthani community and its temple in Wijchen, the Netherlands. Journal of Religion in Europe, 2(2), 115-148. (More)
  •  Nugteren, A. (2005). Belief, Bounty, and Beauty. Rituals around Sacred Trees in India. Leiden/Boston: Brill. (NUMEN Book Series Studies in the History of Religions, 108). (More)
  •  Nugteren, A. (2005). Hindoeïsme. Heden en verleden. Tweede, herziene, uitgebreide, en geactualiseerde uitgave. Antwerpen/Apeldoorn: Garant. (More)
  •   Nugteren, A., Post, P.G.J., Grimes, R.L., Petterson, P., & Zondag, H.J. (2003). Disaster ritual. Explorations of an emerging ritual repertoire. Leuven: Peeters. (Liturgia condenda, 15). (More)

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Last amended: 27 July 2017