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dr. A.P. Schouten

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department Communication and Cognition


My research focuses on the social aspects of information technology, specifically Social Media Use, Online Collaboration, and Online Impression Management and Impression Formation.

Social Media Use. Within the area of social media use, we study how new communication technologies affect social connections between people and how this may affect knowledge sharing, interpersonal relationship development, and organizational performance. Specific research projects are the role of public and private networks for young professionals, personal branding, and social capital influence on knowledge sharing in virtual communities.

Online Collaboration. Within this research topic we investigate how people work together using different communication technologies, and we investigate which communication technologies best suit which tasks and which types of groups. In more scientific terms, we focus on how different media capabilities affect how people work together and how this is contingent on social context and task type. An important research area is the possible use of virtual environments in providing (a) visual information processing capabilities and (b) avatar-based interaction. Specific research projects are the use of virtual environment to aid group information processing and social identification using avatar-based interaction.

Online impression management and impression formation. This research area is a spinoff of my PhD research. We investigate how people present and disclose themselves online and how other people form impressions based on this online information. In more scientific terms: in online interactions senders have greater freedom of self-presentation and self-disclosure due to the relative freedom, anonymity and chronemics (i.e., available time) of online interactions. Receivers are fueled by a basic need to reduce uncertainty and form impressions of others based on whatever information is available online. Specific research projects in this area are the effects of online self-disclosure and self-presentation on interpersonal attraction in initial interactions, and the role of online information on impression formation, and how employers judge possible job applicant based on online information.


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Last amended: 01 July 2016