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dr. A. Peper

Teacher, Instructor , Lecturer 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences


I am lecturer at Tilburg University at the  department of sociology, and supervisor of BA theses at the Hague university of Applied Sciences (Den Haag), and at the Lim A Po Institute (Paramaribo, Surinam). I teach on sociology, theory, gender, work-life issues, and welfare states. My main research is cross-national research regarding work?family arrangements in organizations in different welfare state regimes. I co-edited of a number of books: Flexible Working, Organizational Change and the Integration of Work and Personal life (Edward Elgar, 2005), and Diversity, Standardization and Social Transformation. Gender, Ethnicity and Equality in Europe (Ashgate, 2011). I co-wrote with Joanne van der Leun and John Macionis a Dutch introduction to sociology (Pearson, 2010; 2014; new ediion 2018). Currently, my research interests include the well-being of employees, work pressive & occupational stress, the work-life balance of employees and role of managers, and boundary management in relation to work-life issues.

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