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A. (Aviva) de Groot LLM

PhD Researcher 

Tilburg Law School
Law, Technology, Markets & Society


My research aims to identify explanatory benchmarks and modalities for providing rights relevant understanding of data driven technologies and their applications to laymen users. In particular, I focus on automated decision processes.

With privacy at the core, my interests more broadly concern humans and technology, their mutual shaping and how this effects our understanding of human rights protections. I have professional and research experience in fields where technology supports human interaction and where humans interact with machines. 

As concerns the former, in dumber times, the transformation of citizens' reality to their administrative truth already proved to be a tricky process. Years of professional legal experience in a specialized field of administration law, dealing with phantom vehicle registrations, taught me how the complex interplay of law, policy and technology should discourage a narrow a focus on either element.

My Information Law master's thesis research project dealt with privacy concerns arising from the use of social robots in health care settings. I focused in particular on levels of transparency and understanding of human-robot interaction. I looked at pre-programmed robotic action as well as developing  complex reactivity, treating this as automated decision making that creates new facts on the ground,  to be included in later stages of machine learning.

Inspired by these professional as well as personal interests, I closely follow the interdisciplinary AI/robotics discourse. My earlier career in filmmaking and love of fiction that explores the subject of humans and machines give me all the excuses I need to do so.

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Last amended: 25 January 2019