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dr. B.G. Adams PhD


TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Social Psychology


I examine how identity relates to authenticity, impression management, strength usage, leadership styles, discrimination, work engagement and well-being, all within the context of work across  different national contexts such as South Africa, the Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Switzerland, Indonesia, and Ghana (to name a few)  and leadership styles at work. 


My research interests are mainly centered on the construct of identity, and in particular, the psychological processes which inform both its antecedents and consequences. My objective is to examine identity in diverse contexts at different levels (ranging from individuals, groups, organizations to societies), and to work towards establishing an integrated model, which includes personal, social, and relational dimensions. While my focus has stemmed from studying identity across groups in the South African context, I have been steadily moving towards examining identity processes in both other non-Western (sub-Saharan African, South American, Asian, and Eastern European) and Western (North American and Western European) contexts, across life stages (i.e., adolescents, emerging adults, adulthood) within societal and organizational contexts. 

I am involved and I am collaborating on multiple multinational research projects as either the primary or co-primary investigator, from the Inclusive Identity project, the South African Personality Inventory (SAPI) Project and the ManyLabs Project to smaller projects which deal with conceptualizing privilege within the context of work, and state-of-the-art methodological investigations on measurement bias and invariance.   

My research interests fall within the domains of work and organizational, social and cultural, and developmental psychology. 




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Last amended: 17 November 2017