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mr.dr. C.M.K.C. Cuijpers

Associate Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Law, Technology, Markets & Society


Privacy Law




domain names

European law


Principal publications

  • C. Cuijpers and B.J. Koops, The Netherlands: Best privacy practice for smart metering in Europe? In S. Gutwirth et al. (Eds.) European Data Protection: Coming of Age, Springer 2013, p. 269 - 293.    
  • Cuijpers, C.M.K.C., Purtova, N.N. & Kosta, E. (2014). Data protection reform and the internet: the draft Data Protection Regulation, In A Savin & J Trzaskowski (Eds.), Research Handbook on EU Internet Law (pp. 543-568): Edward Elgar
  • Cuijpers, C.M.K.C. & Koops, E.J. (2008). How fragmentation in European law undermines consumer protection: The case of Location Based Services. European Law Review, 33(6), 880-897.
  • Cuijpers C.M.K.C., (2007). Employer and Employee Power Dynamics.The division of power between employer and employee in case of Internet and e-mail monitoring and positioning of employees. The John Marshall Journal of Computer & Information Law VOL. XXV, Winter 2007, NO. 1.
  • Cuijpers C.M.K.C., (2007). A private law approach to privacy; mandatory law obliged? SCRIPT-ed (2007) 4:4, 304-318.

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Last amended: 29 August 2018