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prof. dr. X. (Carol) Ou

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Management


Carol Xiaojuan Ou is a full professor of Information Management at Tilburg University. Her research interests include cross-cultural studies, knowledge management and IT adoption in organizations, social networks, computer-mediated communication, electronic commerce, and website design. Carol is serving as a Senior Editor of three jounrals in the field of Information Systems (IS). She is a Certified IS Auditor, an Academic Advocate or IS Audit and Control Association, as well as a Committee Member of various conferences on IS and IT.


Principal publications

  • Zhou, P. Y., Chan, K. C., and Ou, C.X.J. (2018). Corporate Communication Network and Stock Price Movements: Insights From Data Mining. IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems5(2), 391-402. 
  • Ou, C.X.J., Davison, R. M. and Wong, L. H. M. (2016) Using Interactive Systems for Knowledge Sharing: The Impact of Individual Contextual Preferences in China, Information & Management, 53(2), 145-156.
  • Ou, C.X.J., Pavlou, P.A., and Davison, R.M. (2014) Swift Guanxi in online marketplace: The role of computer-mediated-communication technologies. MIS Quarterly, 38(1), 209-230 (Among SSRN Top Ten List; Selected as one of the fourteen candidate papers for the European Research Paper of the Year).
  • Ou, C.X.J., Sia, C.L. and Hui, C.K. (2013) Computer-Mediated-Communication and Social Networking Tools at Work, Information Technology & People, 26(2), 172-190 (among top 20 downloads of 2013).
  • Davison, R.M., Martinsons, M.G. and Ou, C.X.J. (2012) The Roles of Theory in Canonical Action Research, MIS Quarterly, 36(3), 763-786 (Selected as one of the fourteen candidate papers for the European Research Paper of the Year).  

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Last amended: 28 November 2018