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D. De ruysscher

Associate Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Public Law & Governance


Dave De ruysscher (1978) (MA, LLM, PhD) is legal historian and lawyer. He researches in themes regarding the history of commercial and private law until the present day. The focus of his research has thus far been on early modern commercial law, in particular on bills of exchange, partnership (legal personhood) and bankruptcy, and also on contract law of that period (assignment, legal capacity to contract). He has written three substantial books, and several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters in English, French and Dutch. In 2016, he was awarded an ERC Starting Grant, on the theme of collateral rights and insolvency (see 

Principal publications

  • De ruysscher, D., "From Usages of Merchants to Default Rules: Practices of Trade, Ius Commune and Urban Law in Early Modern Antwerp", The Journal of Legal History 33/1 (2012), 3-29.  
  • De ruysscher, D., "Antwerp 1490-1590: Insurance and Speculation", in A.B Leonard (ed.), Marine Insurance: Origins and Institutions, 1300-1850, London, Palgrave MacMillan, 2015, 78-105.
  • De ruysscher, D., "Business Rescue, Turnaround Management and the Legal Regime of Default and Insolvency in Western History (late Middle Ages to Present Day)" in J.I. Adriaanse en J.-P. van der Rest (eds.), Turnaround Management and Bankruptcy, London, Routledge, 2017, 22-42.
  • De ruysscher, D., "Legal Culture, Path Dependence and Dysfunctional Layering in Corporate Insolvency Law (Belgium, 19th-21st Centuries)", International Insolvency Review 2018,
  • De ruysscher, D., and Kotlyar, I., "Municipal Traditions v Academic Views: Collateral Rights over Movables in Holland (c. 1300- c. 1600)", Tijdschrift voor Rechtsgeschiedenis, in the press. 

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Last amended: 16 June 2018