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Dr E. (Eleonora) Freddi

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Economics


I am a behavioral economist and I use applied micro methods to investigate strategic behaviors of individuals. For more information, please visit my personal page.


Principal publications

  • "Do People Avoid Morally Relevant Information? Evidence from the Refugee Crisis", working paper
  • "Saving and Bequest in China: An Analysis of Intergenerational Exchange" (with Ingvild Almas and Oystein Thogersen), working paper
  • "Social Norms and Authority: In Quest for Social Order" (with Paola Di Casola and Spyridon Sichlimiris), working paper
  • "What Did States Do? An Analysis of Historical Public Expenditures" (with Avner Greif), working paper
Last amended: 20 May 2018