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prof. dr. E.J.P. van Loon

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Philosophy


The work of prof. Van Loon  extends the concepts of Dialogical Self Theory, developed by the Dutch psychologist Hubert Hermans, to the leadership of organizations, drawing on social constructionism by the American psychologist Ken Gergen and the leadership framework of British academic Keith Grint.   

Van Loon will work in the vanguard of combining practice and theory, focusing primarily on supervising PhD students and reflective practitioners through their research into leadership.

He will also continue his regular client work in the Human Capital practice of Deloitte Consulting (Learning, Leadership and Culture)


Principal publications

  • Loon, R.J.P. van. & G. van Dijk. (2015). Dialogical leadership. Dialogue as Condition Zero. In: Journal for Leadership Accountability and EthicsVol 12 (3), 62-75.  
  • Van Loon, E. (Rens) J.P. & T. van den Berg. Dialogical Leadership. The Other way to coach leaders. (2016). Hermans, H.J.M. (ed) Nine Methods for stimulating a dialogical self: Applications in groups, cultures and organizations. 75-93. New York: Springer.
  • Van Loon, E. (Rens) J.P. & K. Kouwenhoven (2016) Dancing Leader. Followership in Action. Cases and Commentaries. R. Koonce, M. Bligh, M. Carsten, & M. Hurwitz (eds). Emerald Books 101-108. ISBN 978-1-78560-948-0.
  • Van Loon, E. (Rens) J.P. (2015). Commentary and review of the article Dialogical and Eastern Perspectives on the Self in Practice: Teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction in Philadelphia and Seoul? International Journal of Dialogical Science, Fall 2015 Vol. 9, No 1, p. 177-181.                          
  • Loon, R.J.P. van (2006). Het geheim van de leider. Zoektocht naar essentie. Assen: Van Gorcum

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Last amended: 09 June 2016