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E.Y. van Vugt LLM


Tilburg Law School
Public Law & Governance


Eva conducts Ph.D. research on the historical and current meaning of the representation clause (Art. 50) of the Dutch Constitution, which reads: 'De Staten-Generaal vertegenwoordigen het gehele Nederlandse volk' (translation: 'The States-General [i.e. parliament] represent the entire Dutch people').

Eva adopts a hermeneutic approach to describe how the meaning of the representation clause has shifted through time as a result of reinterpretation. By doing so, she aims to obtain insight in the way in which informal constitutional change takes place in the Netherlands. Ultimately, her goal is to provide a more profound and contemporary understanding of parliamentary representation, from which political practice may benefit.

Other topics of research interest include referenda, the rule of law, and fundamental rights.
Eva works as a Ph.D. researcher and lecturer at Tilburg Law School since 2016.

She is also webeditor of the website

Eva graduated in 2016 for the Research master in law-program and the Dutch master Rechtsgeleerdheid, accent strafrecht (both cum laude).

During her master, she worked for Tilburg Law Review as executive managing editor first and thereafter as editor in chief, and for prof. dr. Ernst Hirsch Ballin as his research assistant.


Principal publications

  • 'Blote jurk mag, nikab is een probleem' in het Parool, 4 augustus 2018    
  • Intrekking van de Wet raadgevend referendum: Over de nasleep van het Oekraïnereferendum, in Nederlands Juristenblad, 93/2 p. 78 (januari 2018)
  • Herbezinning parlementair stelsel? Herinterpretatie artikel 50 Grondwet! in Nederlands Juristenblad, aflevering 531, p. 642 (maart 2017)
  • Het EU-rechtsstaatmechanisme en Polen - met prof. mr. L.H.J Adams, in Nederlands Juristenblad, aflevering 825, p. 1184 (april 2016)
  • De transformatie van de bevoegdheid tot ontbinding van het parlement - met prof. mr. E.M.H. Hirsch Ballin, in Hofi di Ley, Boom Juridische Uitgevers, p. 113 (augustus 2014)

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