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prof. dr. E.E.C. (Eric) van Damme

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Economics


1. Market design, by using game theoretic techniques, such as auctions.
2. Competition policy and analysis of (anti-)competitive behavior and mergers.
3. Regulation of network industries, such as telecommunications, electricity and the postal sector.

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News items

  • Me Judice
    Me Judice ("in my opinion") is an independant discussionforum. Its goal is to stimulate the public debate among economists. For more information please see their website (only available in Dutch)     

Principal publications

  • Serra-Garcia, M, Van Damme, E, Potters, J (2011). Lying about what you know or about what you do? TILEC DP 2011-055, accepted for publication in Journal of the European Economic Association
  • Serra-Garcia, M, Van Damme, E, Potters, J (2011). Hiding an Inconvenient Truth: Lies and vagueness. Games and Economic Behavior, 73, 244-261
  • Fruteau, C, Lemoine, S, Hellard, E. Van Damme, E, Noe, R. When females trade grooming for grooming: Testing partner control and partner choice models of cooperation in two primate species. (2011)  Animal Behaviour, 81 (6), 1223-1230
  • Fruteau, C, Voekl. B, Van Damme, E, Noe, R. (2009). Supply and demand determine the market value of food providers in wild vervet monkeys. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of Ameria (PNAS), 106 (29), 12007-12012
  • Van Damme, E, Carlsson, H. Global Games and Equilibrium Selection, Econometrica, 61, (1993), 989-1018

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Last amended: 01 November 2017