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prof. dr. F. Hendriks

Full Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Public Law & Governance


Books in English

The Quest for Good Urban Governance: Theoretical Reflections and International Practices, Springer, 2015 (with Leon van den Dool, Alberto Gianoli, Linze Schaap)

The Oxford Handbook of Local and Regional Democracy in Europe, Oxford University Press, 2011 (with Anders Lidström, John Loughlin)

Vital Democracy: A Theory of Democracy in Action, Oxford University Press, 2010

City in Sight: Dutch Dealings with Urban Transformation, Amsterdam University Press, 2009 (with Jan Willem Duyvendak, Mies van Niekerk)

Urban-Regional Governance in the European Union: Practices and Prospects, Elsevier, 2005 (with Vincent van Stipdonk. Pieter Tops)

Polder Politics: The Re-Invention of Consensus Democracy in the Netherlands, Ashgate, 2001, pp. 1-320 (with Theo Toonen)

Public Policy and Political Institutions: The Role of Culture in Urban Policy, Edward Elgar, 1999.

Regional and Local Democracy in the European Union, CoR Studies, 1999 (with Loughlin, Aja, Bullmann, Lidström, Seiler)


Books in Dutch

Democratische zegen of vloek? Aantekeningen bij het referendum, Amsterdam University Press, 2017 (with Koen van der Krieken & Charlotte Wagenaar)

Democratie onder druk: Over de uitdaging van de stemmingendemocratie, Van Gennep, 2012

De zucht naar goed bestuur in de stad: Lessen uit een weerbarstige werkelijkheid, Boom Lemma, 2012 (with Gerard Drosterij)

Vitale democratie: Theorie van democratie in actie, Amsterdam University Press, 2006

Burgerschap in de doe-democratie, Nicis Institute, 2010 (with Ted van de Wijdeven)

Reinheid en democratie: Over de zin van hervorming en de waarde van vergelijking, Boom Lemma, 2005

Politiek en interactief bestuur: Interacties en interpretaties rond de ontwikkeling van het Nationaal Verkeers-en Vervoersplan, Elsevier, 2001 (with Pieter Tops)

Stad in spagaat: Institutionele innovatie in het stadsbestuur, Van Gorcum, 2000 (with Pieter Tops)

Schikken en plooien: De stroperige staat bij nader inzien, Van Gorcum, 1998 (with Theo Toonen)

Beleid, cultuur en instituties: Het verhaal van twee steden, DSWO Press, 1996


(Booklength research reports are not listed here; to find these click on Tilburg Repository Publications below)


Prof. dr Frank Hendriks (1966) is full professor and research director at the Tilburg School of Politics and Public Administration at Tilburg University. He is Fellow at the Montesquieu Institute in The Hague and Visiting Fellow at St Edmund's College, Cambridge University.

His current research is focused on the design and quality of democratic governance - on political leadership and active citizenship, on public decisionmaking and participation, on reform and innovation in democratic institutions - at the level of the city and the state at large. A good reflection of his current research agenda is the book Vital Democracy: A Theory of Democracy in Action, Oxford University Press, 2010.

Other books and publications follow below.


Principal publications

  • Vital Democracy: A Theory of Democracy in Action, Oxford University Press, 2010
  • Understanding Good Urban Governance: Essentials, Shifts and Values, in: Urban Affairs Review, vol. 50, no. 4, 2014, pp. 553-76
  • The Relation between Cultural Values and Models of Democracy, in: Democratization, 2015, vol. 22, no. 6, pp. 981-1010 (with A. Maleki)  
  • Don't Call Me a Leader, but I am One: The Dutch Mayor and the Tradition of Bridging-and-Bonding Leadership in Consensus Democracies, in: Leadership, 2017, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 154-172 (with N. Karsten)  
  • Purity and Democracy: Beauty Ideals adn Pollution Reduction in Democratic Reform, In: Administrative Theory & Praxis, vol. 33, no. 1, 2011, pp. 44-61.

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Last amended: 13 July 2018