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F.P. (Ferenc) Jongejan

Dual Career Officer & Coord. Flexstudy 

Division Academic Support
Student Development


Ferenc Jongejan is Tilburg University's contact for everyone who is involved in a Dual Career and the Flexible Study pilot.

He provides support for students who encounter troubles with their Dual Careers (athletes, coaches, officials, entrepreneurs, performing artists, e-gamers). Next to that, he also offers help in relation to marketing and press conferences, mental coaching, housing, trainingcamps and other issues related to a Dual Career.

Ferenc is the pivot in the communinaction between Tilburg University, the faculties, the University's Sportcenter, RTO Brabant, the press and the various (sport)clubs.

For the Pilot Flexible Study, Ferenc is the coordinator and therefore, Tilburg University's internal and external contact.

Last amended: 09 May 2018