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dr. G. (George) Knox

Associate Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Marketing


For more information about my research, please visit my website,


News items

Principal publications

  • Datta, Hannes, George Knox and Bart Bronnenberg (forthcoming), Changing Their Tune: How Consumers' Adoption of Online Streaming Affects Music Consumption and Discovery, Marketing Science
  • Knox, George and Rutger van Oest (2014). Customer Complaints and Recovery Effectiveness: A Customer Base Approach.  Journal of Marketing, 78(5), 42-57.
  • Schweidel, David A. and George Knox (2013). Incorporating Direct Marketing Activity into Latent Attrition Models.  Marketing Science, 32 (3), 471-87.
  • Van Oest, Rutger and George Knox (2011). Extending the BG/NBD: A Simple Model of Purchases and Complaints. International Journal of Research in Marketing28 (1), 30-37.
  • Bell, David R., Daniel Corsten, and George Knox (2011). From Point-of-Purchase to Path-to-Purchase: How Pre-Shopping Factors Drive Unplanned Buying.  Journal of Marketing, 75(1), 31-45.

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Last amended: 16 November 2017