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prof. dr. G. Meynen


Tilburg Law School
Department of Criminal Law

Principal publications

  • Meynen G (2016). Legal Insanity: Explorations in Psychiatry, Law, & Ethics. Springer.
  • Kooijmans T en Meynen G (2012). De hybride structuur van de rapportage pro Justitia: over toerekeningsvatbaarheid en risico. Delikt en delinkwent (42) p. 477-489.
  • Meynen G (2011). Vrije wil en forensisch psychiaters die zwijgen over toerekeningsvatbaarheid. Nederlands Juristenblad 86: 1951-1956.
  • Meynen G (2013). A neurolaw perspective on psychiatric assessments of criminal responsibility: Decision-making, mental disorder, and the brain. International Journal of Law and Psychiatry 36(2):93-9.  
  • Meynen G (2010). Free Will and Mental Disorder: Exploring the Relationship. Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 31 (6):429-443.

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Last amended: 18 November 2016