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dr. H.G. Siebers

Associate Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Culture Studies



Hans Siebers? research programme focuses on ethno-migrant inequality in the labour market and configurations of diversity in work settings. In most European countries, migrants face serious problems to secure participation in work settings on a basis equal to non-migrants. Aspects from their migrant status and the ethnicisation imposed on them mingle in hampering their access to jobs, fair assessments, promotion chances, development opportunities, wages etc. Simultaneously, their entrance into work teams produces various configurations of diversity that work out differently, both from the business case and justice case point of view. His research aims at identifying the factors that produce this ethno-migrant inequality as well as essentialist and superdiverse configurations of diversity at work (and in class).



News items

Principal publications

  • Siebers, H. (2017) What turns migrants into ethnic minorities at work? Factors erecting ethnic boundaries among Dutch police officcers. Sociology, 51(3): 608-625.
  • Siebers H and Gastel J van (2015) Why migrants earn less. In search of the factors producing the ethno-migrant pay gap in a Dutch public organization. Work, Employment and Society 29(3): 371-391.    
  • Siebers H and Dennissen MHJ (2015) Is it cultural racism? Discursive oppression and exclusion of migrants in the Netherlands. Current Sociology 63(3): 470-489.  
  • Siebers H (2010) The impact of migrant-hostile discourse in the media and politics on racioethnic closure in career development in the Netherlands. International Sociology 25(4): 475-500
  • Siebers H (2009) Struggles for recognition: The politics of racioethnic identity among Dutch national tax administrators. Scandinavian Journal of Management 25(1): 73-84.

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Last amended: 10 May 2017