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prof. dr. H.K. (Hans) Lindahl

Full Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Department European and International Public Law



For complete information about my activities, including my CV and publications, please surf to my personal page,



Principal publications

  • Fault Lines of Globalization: Legal Order and the Politics of A-Legality (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013).  
  • A-Legality: Postnationalism and the Question of Legal Boundaries, in Modern Law Review 73 (2010) 1, 30-56.
  • Breaking Promises to Keep Them: Immigration and the Boundaries of Distributive Justice, in Hans Lindahl (ed.), A Right to Inclusion and Exclusion? Normative Fault Lines of the EU?s Area of Freedom, Security and Justice (Oxford: Hart Publishers, 2009), 137-159.
  • Give and Take: Arendt and the Nomos of Political Community, in Philosophy and Social Criticism, Vol. 32 (2006) 7, 881-901.

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Last amended: 16 October 2018