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dr. I.J.M.A. (Inge) Graef

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)


Inge Graef is Assistant Professor at Tilburg Law School with affiliations to the Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology and Society (TILT) and the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC).

The focus of Inge's research is on competition enforcement in the digital economy. She is particularly interested in the interface between competition law and other fields of EU law such as data protection, intellectual property and electronic communications law. Other research interests include the Digital Single Market and net neutrality.

In her doctoral thesis, Inge explored the interaction between competition law and data on online platforms, and the extent to which data protection can be protected as a non-efficiency concern in competition policy.


Principal publications

  • Graef, I. (2016). EU Competition Law, Data Protection and Online Platforms: Data as Essential Facility, Kluwer Law International.
  • Graef, I. (2015). Market Definition and Market Power in Data: The Case of Online Platforms. World Competition Law and Economics Review, 38 (4), p. 473-506.
  • Graef, I. (2015). Mandating portability and interoperability in online social networks: Regulatory and competition law issues in the European Union. Telecommunications Policy, 39 (6), p. 502-514.
  • Graef, I., Wahyuningtyas, S., Valcke, P. (2015). Assessing data access issues in online platforms. Telecommunications Policy, 39 (5), p. 375-387. 
  • Graef, I. (2014). Sneak preview of the future application of European competition law on the Internet?: Cisco and Messagenet. Common Market Law Review, 51 (4), p. 1263-1280.

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Last amended: 17 May 2018