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prof. dr. I. van Beest

Full Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department of Social Psychology


Prof. dr. Ilja van Beest is department head of the Social Psychology department, program leader of its research program called Social Decision making, and board member of the Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Research (Tiber). His primary research interests lie in the domain of group and interpersonal processes with a specific focus on coalition formation, conflict detection, ostracism, fairness, deception, trust, emotions and symptom attribution. His research won several (inter)national prizes. Most notable awards are the best dissertation award of the Dutch society for social psychology for research on coalition formation, the Ig-nobel prize for research on symptom attribution ( He currently is/has been associate editor of the ISI journal Social Influence, the ISI journal Group Processes and Intergroup Relations and founding board member of the journal Behavioral Public Policy. Van Beest teaches/has taught courses on social psychology, social influence, interpersonal behavior, group dynamics, negotiation, and leadership.

News items

  • Science zoo 2018
    Joeri Wissink and Ilja van Beest staged a coalition experiment during the Mundial Festival.
  • Klokhuis wetenschapsprijs 2017
      Research of Anna van 't Veer, Marielle Stel and Ilja van Beest was nominated for the Klokhuis science prize 2017. On the link you can vote.
  • Exclusion
      What are the effects of exclusion? Dutch TV show Kennis van Nu explains.  
  • night university 2016 on mundial
       Do people cheat for an I-pad?
  • Night university 2015
     Replication of the roller coaster experiment :-) 
  • associate editior social influence
     Ilja van Beest is associate editor of Social Influence 
  • Ostracism, Exlcusion, and Rejection
     Kip Williams and Ilja van Beest organized a workshop or ostracism. It is hosted by the Lorentz center in Leiden from 21 to 25 may 2012. If you want to join, go to the above website. 
  • Winner Ig-nobel prize 2010
       Simon Rietveld and Ilja van Beest were awarded the Ig-nobel prize for their research on asthma. They used roller coaster rides to induce emotions and showed that the valence of emotions affected the relation between self-reported breathlessness and actual lung function.   

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Last amended: 26 June 2018