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prof. dr. J. Boone

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Economics

My homepage is up to date.


Jan Boone works in the areas of industrial organization and competition policy issues in health care markets.


Principal publications

  •   Jan Boone, 2015, ?Basic versus supplementary health insurance: moral hazard and adverse selection?, Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 128, 50?58.
  •   Jan Boone and Christoph Schottmueller, forthcoming, ?Health insurance without single crossing: why healthy people have high coverage?, Economic Journal
  • Jan Boone and Christoph Schottmueller, forthcoming, ?Procurement with specialized firms?, RAND Journal of Economics
  •   Michiel Bijlsma, Jan Boone and Gijsbert Zwart, 2014, ?Competition leverage: how the demand side affects optimal risk adjustment?, RAND Journal of Economics, Vol. 45 (No. 4), pp. 792?815.
  •   Jan Boone, Wieland Muller and Sigrid Suetens, 2014, ?Naked exclusion in the lab: The case of sequential contracting?, Journal of Industrial Economics, 62(1), 137?166.
Last amended: 05 February 2016