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dr. J.G. Kuilman

Associate Professor 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Department of Management


Principal publications

  • Carroll, G.R., M. Feng, & J.G. Kuilman. The Handover in Hong Kong: Impact on Business Formation. Sociological Science, forthcoming.
  • Kim, T.Y., & J.G. Kuilman. 2014. The Demography of Resources: Divestment of Aircraft among U.K. Airlines, 1919-1975. Journal of Management Studies, 50(7): 1155-1184 (lead article).
  • Kuilman, J.G. & J.T. Li. 2009. Grades of Membership and Legitimacy Spillovers: Foreign Banks in Shanghai, 1847-1935. Academy of Management Journal, 52: 229-245 (lead article).
  • Kuilman, J.G., I. Vermeulen, & J.T. Li. 2009. The Consequents of Organizer Ecologies: A Logical Formalization. Academy of Management Review, 34(2), 253-272.
  • Kuilman, J.G., & J.T. Li. 2006. The Organizers' Ecology: An Empirical Study of Foreign Banks in Shanghai. Organization Science 17(3), 385-401.

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Last amended: 15 November 2017