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prof. dr. J.H. Abbring

Professor of Econometrics 

Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Econometrics and Operations Research


Please check for information on Jaap's research, teaching, and management activities.

Please check the Structural Econometrics Group for information on structural econometrics and computational economics at Tilburg University.


Principal publications

  • Abbring, J.H., J.R. Campbell, J. Tilly and N. Yang (2018), "Very simple Markov-perfect industry dynamics: Theory", Econometrica, 86, 721-735.
  • Abbring, J.H. (2012), "Mixed hitting-time models", Econometrica, 80, 783-819.
  • Abbring, J.H. and J.R. Campbell (2010), "Last-in first-out oligopoly dynamics", Econometrica78, 1491-1527.
  • Abbring, J.H. (2010), "Identifying dynamic discrete choice models", Annual Review of Economics, 2, 367-394.
  • Abbring, J.H. and G.J. van den Berg (2003), "The nonparametric identification of treatment effects in duration models", Econometrica, 71, 1491-1517.

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Last amended: 06 April 2018