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drs. J.H.M. Moons SJ


Tilburg School of Catholic Theology
Department of Systematic Theology and Philosophy


Principal publications

  • «Aroused and Sustained by the Holy Spirit»? A Plea for a Pneumatological Reconsideration of Sensus Fidei on the Basis of Lumen gentium 12, in Gregorianum 99/2 (2018), 271-292 [in print].
  • De preek: ontmoeting of kerygma? De visies op verkondiging van Evangelii gaudium en het Homiletisch Directorium?, in Collationes. Tijdschrift voor Theologie en Pastoraal 47 (2017), 90-104. (Link)  
  • "A pneumatological conversion? The Holy Spirit's activities according to Lumen gentium", in Stephan van Erp, Karim Schelkens (eds), Conversion and Church: The Challenge of Renewal (Brill Studies in Catholic Theology), Leiden & Boston, Brill, 2016, 244-260.
  • Aantrekkelijk en inspirerend preken, hoe doe je dat? Bespreking van Evangelii Gaudium en het Homiletisch Directorium & praktische wenken daarbij", in Communio 41-1 (2016), 33-44. (Link)
  • "Remembering as a Crucial Spiritual Tool. Pierre Favre's Spiritual Life according to the Memoriale", in The Way. A Review of Christian Spirituality published by the British Jesuits 55/2 (2016), 71-81. (Link)

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Last amended: 17 February 2018