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J. Slatman

Full Professor 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Culture Studies


I am Professor of Medical Humanities: my expertise involves philosophy of the body, philosophical anthropology, medical anthropology and cultural analysis. My research focuses on issues of embodiment in art, expression and contemporary medical practices.


Principal publications

  • J. Slatman (2016) Is it possible to ?incorporate? a scar? Revisiting a basic concept in phenomenology. Human Studies, 39(3),  pp 347-363    
  • J. Slatman (2014). Multiple dimensions of embodiment in medical practices. Medicine, Healthcare and Philosophy. 17(4), p. 549-557
  • J. Slatman, J. (2014). Our Strange Body: Philosophical Reflections on Identity and Medical Interventions, Amsterdam University Press/Chicago University Press
  • J. Slatman, J. (2012). Phenomenology of Bodily Integrity in Disfiguring Breast Cancer, Hypatia, 27 (2): 281-300.
  • J. Slatman, J. and G. Widdershoven (2010). Hand Transplants and Bodily Integrity. Body & Society, 16 (3), 69-92.
Last amended: 20 February 2017