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prof. dr. J.M. (Jan) Sprenger

Overig overig 

Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department of Philosophy


I am Professor of Philosophy of Science at the Department of Philosophy, Tilburg University, and Scientific Director of the research center TiLPS (Tilburg Center for Logic, Ethics and Philosophy of Science).

I mainly work on the philosophy of statistical inference (philosophers say: inductive inference), the objectivity of scientific inferences, foundations of probability and formal epistemology.

Some of my work also relates to decision theory and social epistemology, e.g., questions of peer disagreement and reaching a consenus

I am about to complete a monograph "Bayesian Philosophy of Science", together with Stephan Hartmann in Munich.

I have also run (and am still running) various externally funded projects, such as an ERC grant on "Making Scientific Inferences More Objective" (2015-2020), which has just started.

For more comprehensive information on my person and my work, just visit my website:



Principal publications

  • Dawid, Richard, Hartmann, Stephan, and Sprenger, Jan (2014): The No Alternatives Argument. To appear in The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.
  • Sprenger, Jan (2013): Testing a Precise Null Hypothesis: The Case of Lindley's Paradox.Philosophy of Science 80: 733-744. 2013.
  • Sprenger, Jan, and Heesen, Remco (2011): The Bounded Strength of Weak Expectations. Mind 120: 819--832.
  • Schupbach, Jonah, and Sprenger, Jan (2011): The Logic of Explanatory Power. Philosophy of Science 78: 105--127.
  • Sprenger, Jan (2009): Evidence and Experimental Design in Sequential Trials. Philosophy of Science 76: 637--649.

Click here for a list of publications in PDF format PDF

Last amended: 31 August 2015