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prof. dr. K.G. (Katrien) Luijkx

Full Professor 

TS Social and Behavioral Sciences
Tranzo, Scientific center for care and welfare


As professor of care for older adults and research manager Luijkx is connected to the Academic Collaborative Centre Older Adults of Tranzo. Together with eleven organisations in care for older adults she has the ambition to evaluate and innovate care for older adults, based on knowledge about the perspective of frail older adults themselves. The specific topic for each PhD study is formulated in co-creation between science and practice. Furthermore, she aims to develop knowlegde that can be really used in care practice. The research of Luijkx and her PhD students is therefore strongly related to care practice.

As supervisor prof. dr. Luijkx is involved in various PhD researches that have societal impact. The topics are among others: self-determination, qualitative indicators for quality, technology, (social) networks and sexuality and intimacy. In her research the perspective of older adults is studied as soon as possible. Against the background of this knowledge, the perspectives of other relevant stakeholders are studied.


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Last amended: 29 June 2017