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prof. dr. P.M. Kort


Tilburg School of Economics and Management
Econometrics and Operations Research


Peter Kort has as research topics dynamics of the firm, investment under uncertainty and industrial organization. In particular, he is interested in how competition, dynamics and uncertainty affect the firm's investment and innovative behavior.


Principal publications

  • Strategic capacity investment under uncertainty, with K.J.M. Huisman, The RAND Journal of Economics, 46, 376-408, 2015.
  • R&D Competition versus R&D cooperation in oligopolistic markets with evolving structure, with H. Dawid and M. Kopel, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 31, 527-537, 2013.  
  • When should a firm open its source code; a strategic analysis, with G. Zaccour, Production and Operations Management, 20, 2011, 877-888.
  • Real options in an asymmetric duopoly: who benefits from your competitive disadvantage? with G. Pawlina, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 15, 2006, 1-35.
  • Anticipation effects of technological progress on capital accumulation: a vintage capital approach, with G. Feichtinger, R.F. Hartl and V.M. Veliov, Journal of Economic Theory, 126, 2006, 143-164.

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Last amended: 24 January 2019