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dr. L.D. Yanev

Assistant Professor 

Tilburg Law School
Department of Criminal Law


Dr. Lachezar Yanev is an Assistant Professor in International Criminal Law at the Criminal Law Department of Tilburg University. His academic research extends in the field of Public International Law, International Criminal Law, and Human Rights Law.

Dr. Yanev's doctoral dissertation (cum laude) analyzed the formation of two competing theories of co-perpetration in international criminal law - i.e. joint criminal enterprise and joint control over the crime - and sought to reconcile the fragmented jurisprudence of the international courts and tribunals on this form of criminal responsibility. His thesis, titled 'Theories of Co-perpetration in International Criminal Law' was published in 2018 in the prestigious "International Criminal Law Series" of Brill | Nijhoff Publishers. Dr. Yanev has also participated in global research projects on modes of liability in international criminal law, collaborating with scholars from other universities in and outside of Europe, as well as with practitioners from the international courts and tribunals.

Dr. Yanev's current work focuses on examining the "fragmentation" of international criminal law: the process whereby its substantive norms are gradually becoming subject to different, conflicting interpretations across the various international courts and tribunals (i.e. "horizontal fragmentation") and by domestic courts when enforcing international criminal law (i.e. "vertical fragmentation"). He is specifically researching the applicable legal definitions in universal jurisdictional trials, where domestic courts try international crimes without being linked to them by means of territory, nationality, or state sovereignty interests.


Principal publications

  • L. Yanev, Theories of Co-perpetration in International Criminal Law, (Leiden: Brill/Nijhoff Pub., 2018).
  • L. Yanev, 'Joint Criminal Enterprise', in J. de Hemptinne et al. (eds.), Modes of Liability in International Criminal Law, (Cambridge: CUP, 2018) [forthcoming].
  • E. van Sliedregt & L. Yanev, 'Co-Perpetration based on Joint Control over the Crime', in J. de Hemptinne et al. (eds.), Modes of Liability in International Criminal Law, (Cambridge: CUP, 2018) [forthcoming].
  • M. Cupido, T. Kooijmans & L. Yanev, 'De Grondslag en Reikwijdte van het Medeplegen: Hoe het Nederlandse Strafrecht Inspiratie Kan Putten Uit het Internationaal Strafrecht', 29 Delikt & Delinkwent (2018): 385-409
  • L. Yanev, 'Co-Perpetration Responsibility in the Kosovo Specialist Chambers: Staying on the Beaten Path?', 14 Journal of International Criminal Justice (2016): 101-121.

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Last amended: 29 June 2018