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L.E. Rombout


Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences
Department Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence


Social Embodiment in Virtual Reality

I work on an interdisciplinary study on social embodiment. This study aims to use virtual reality as a technology to explore the boundaries and limits of the body as experienced by the brain, most notably in social settings where multiple bodies are present and interacting. In virtual reality, characteristics of the virtual body inhabited by the user can be changed drastically, allowing for research on the range of forms and functions that can be used by the brain for effective communication. The findings will help to expand the understanding of how brain and body interact, for instance as applicable to the underlying mechanisms of empathy, or for the creation of effective virtual settings and companions.

Principal publications

  • Maureira, M. A. G., Rombout, L. E., Teernstra, L., Speek, I. C., & Broekens, J. (2015, September). The influence of subliminal visual primes on player affect in a horror computer game. In Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (ACII), 2015 International Conference on (pp. 705-711). IEEE.
  • Maureira, M. A. G., & Rombout, L. E. (2015, September). The Vocal Range of Movies-Sonifying Gender Representation in Film. In International Conference on Entertainment Computing (pp. 545-550). Springer International Publishing.

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Last amended: 11 April 2017